InfoCepts Global MicroStrategy Contest 2017

Since the beginning of July, we’ve been sifting through the many impressive MicroStrategy Dashboard submissions for the InfoCepts Global MicroStrategy Contest 2017. As you all may recall, we encouraged BI enthusiasts across the globe to participate in the contest, which provided them an unparalleled opportunity to assess their skills against other experts and help them to hone their BI and visualization skills.

The final stage of the contest i.e the DASHBOARD CHALLENGE has also come to an end finally. We received well over 30+ submissions for the final stage of the contest. The submissions were as varied and interesting as they were sophisticated; it was so cool to see what folks were able to pull together with MicroStrategy and present in such a short span of time! Needless to say, the judges were impressed.

We are proud to announce the much awaited results of our “InfoCepts Global MicroStrategy Contest 2017”. Our team would like to extend thanks to all the participants for submitting amazing entries. We would also like to thank all those who have directly or indirectly contributed to the success of this contest.

Rohit’s dashboard provides very thoughtful analysis of the subject area. The colors and graphics Rohit has used are very pleasing to the eyes and very suitable for the subject area. His dashboard has a very intuitive flow starting with summary data and finishing with detailed analyses. His use of visualizations are very appropriate to the analyses they show. Rohit’s dashboard is a great example of how beautiful and effective dashboards should be designed.

Tejas’s dashboard follows all the principles of creating visually appealing and user friendly dashboards. The dashboard he has created is very pleasant on the eyes. His minimalistic use of colors and graphics made the dashboard very simple to understand. He has kept the analyses on his dashboard optimal not going overboard with them. Any user would love to use such a dashboard.

Murali has created a powerful dashboard. The options for switching between various analyses making optimal use of screen real estate is fantastic. His method of displaying important summary data at the top and then detailed analyses under that is excellent. Any user of this dashboard would be able to quickly grasp the story the dashboard is telling. Another example of how good dashboards should be designed.