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Another step in BI enrichment: MicroStrategy Dossier

- Shruti Sharma

We’re in the middle of a technology renaissance. A huge transformation is happening. Technology is moving at a faster pace more than ever before. Even though some industries (such as medical) remain pre-digital, the majority of our online world is moving at a rapid speed. It’s exciting and scary.

As MicroStrategy developers we are used to this because MicroStrategy never stops innovating and adding cool new features. The release of MicroStrategy Desktop gave the users power of Self-Service BI by providing innumerable options for data extraction, cleaning, analysis and reporting. Users all over the world are analysing their data, creating their own dashboards and using them for taking real-time decisions.

But this is not all! MicroStrategy always strives to make our lives easier by creating cutting edge, more advanced tools with unimaginable functions.

MicroStrategy introduced a new tool in MicroStrategy World 2017, which will enable users with a modern, interactive, always up-to-date book of their business.

This new functionality is called: Dossier

Apart from the new functionalities that Dossier provides, it aims to enhance the existing functions as well. Dossier incorporates all the common gestures and experiences that users are familiar with, so that the UI becomes more user-friendly and simpler to use.

Talking of the design, Dossier presents a simple yet powerful mantra which says “Build once and deploy everywhere”. A common problem faced while deploying MicroStrategy dashboards across different devices is that, it requires changes in the dashboard dimensions, designs and sometimes the complete storyline has to be changed. But classy unified interface of Dossier, comes with an independent form access i.e. Dossier is accessible from an android device, iOS device, PC, Mac etc. without any changes in the UI format. At the same time also it provides an option to change the display for different forms as per user’s choice.

Dossier also has a unique feature called Table of Contents, which is a unique representation of the dashboard created by the user. It by default displays the dashboard as Table of Contents so that user can easily navigate across the dashboard in the story format.

Another enhancement to an existing filter function is the usage of various visualizations as filters apart from using the normal dropdowns and list boxes. It’s really amazing to filter any particular Region or Country directly from the map by dragging and selecting that area. The selection immediately filters the selected region in the map and shows the drilled down analysis.

Also, users can instantly add comments and share the Dossier with their colleagues and friends, which the recipients can directly open and use as is.

A brand new feature in Dossier is the Library which is an enhanced discoverable interface for searching any particular content that user wants to see. The entire search process is indexed in a way that searching of content is very fast. Being called “Library”, it has all the possible MicroStrategy related content that can be searched across in no time.

All these features become insignificant if they reduce the speed of operation of the tool. But Dossier is built on a whole new set of SDK using REST set of APIs which makes the user experience richer, faster and much optimized.

Watch out for the release of brand new MicroStrategy Dossier tool and enjoy the whole new world of Self-Service BI.